1U MTP LGX 4 Cassette Patch Panel

1U MTP LGX 4 Cassette patch panel for high density, customisable deployment options.


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Linxcom pre-terminated fibre systems provide rapid fibre deployment at an extremely cost effective, expandable and high speed solution.

The 1U MTP LGX 4 Cassette patch panel is split into 2 compartments; a sealed pre-terminated section and a cable management section for any excess cable. This helps ensure a neat and tidy installation and prevents accidental disconnections.

The panel offers users up to 96 LC duplex or 36 SC simplex ports in one panel.

MTP pre-terminated cables enter the back of the panel and the excess cable is wound around the convenient cable retainers.

Pre-terminated MTP connectors plug into port bulkheads at the rear of the LGX modules. Fan-out cables inside the module split to either LC or SC ports.

Features & Benefits

  • Size: 1U
  • Dimensions (WxDmm): 436 x 422
  • No. Cassette: 4
  • Max. Capacity: 96 (LC)
  • Utilises high density MTP connectors
  • Sliding telescopic rails for easy installation and maintenance
  • Cable management compartment
  • Multimode and Singlemode options
  • Reduces installation time and cost
  • Ideal for use with MTP pre-terminated cables
  • Holds 3 LGX modules
  • 12 and 24 LC duplex or 6 and 12 SC simplex LGX modules
  • Terminated in a quality controlled factory

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