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Linxcom UK is a British brand specialising in fibre optic & copper structured cabling.
We provide complete solutions for data centres, telecom, FTTX & datacomms represented in over 60 countries

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Linxcom understands you won’t just take our word for it, so we have been tested,
assessed and certified by external bodies to comply with international standards.

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With strong partners in over 60 countries worldwide, a head office in the UK, logistics office and a warehouse,
Linxcom has the aptitude to supply most countries on most lead times.

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Industry Standard 25 Year Warranty on selected product ranges

Linxcom Ltd provides an array of fibre management systems and tools suitable for use in FTTx, data centre and networking solutions.
Fibre Management
linxcom fibre management product range

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Linxcom Ltd provides a wide range of fibre optic components from adaptors to attenuators and various splicing accessories.
Components & Assemblies
linxcom Components and Assemblies product range

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Linxcom Ltd designs and supplies fibre optic cable. Available, for both indoor and outdoor use these cables can be fully customised.
Fibre Optic Cable
linxcom Fibre Optic Cable product range

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Linxcom Ltd fibre optic tools and accessories contain essentials that every engineer should have. From cleaning kits to field termination kits, we’re sure you’ll find something you require.
Tools & Test Equipment
linxcom tools and test equipment product range

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Linxcom Ltd supply a full range of media converters/ SFPs and switches. Through our partners we can help provide a complete solution.
Active Equipment
linxcom active equipment product range

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Linxcom Ltd designs top quality copper cabling. Our cables AWG are in accordance to industry standards. We offer a wide range of components and accessories designed and manufactured meeting and exceeding ISO, and ANSI/TIA standards.
Copper Cable
linxcom copper structured cabling product range

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Linxcom Ltd fully supports voice technologies including cable, panels and cat3 solutions.
linxcom voice product range

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Linxcom Ltd tools and accessories are suitable for use alongside your networking solutions. From crimping tools to cable testers and customisable tool kits, we’re sure you’ll find something you require.
Copper Tools
linxcom copper tools product range

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Linxcom Ltd cabinets have been designed and selected to house and protect your equipment. We have an array of IP rated outdoor cabinets, indoor cabinets and cabinets with AC units to choose from. All our accessories are compatible with industry standard 19” rack mounts.
Cabinets & Accessories
linxcom cabinets and accessories product range

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We all know the rise in copper prices has made it difficult for SME to compete with larger corporations. Having received feedback from our clients, we’ve had an extensive look…


Tight-buffered cable was considered best for indoor applications whilst loose-tube cable was best for outdoor applications. Many places avoiding using them as alternatives due to their material features. Despite this,…


Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control; we regret to inform you that there will be delays to the lead time of our orders.  The primary factor for this…


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