Hybrid Adapters

Fibre optic hybrid adapters used to mate 2 connectors with different profiles.


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Hybrid adapters are used when mating connectors with different profiles is required.

Fibre Optic Adapters are an important component in a fibre optic network; they are used in a fibre optic patch panel or any other outlet to mate two connectors.

Our hybrid adapters are made with high precision machines which ensure precise alignment for the connectors when they are plugged in.

Features & Benefits

  • ISO certified laboratory
  • 100% tested on optical performance (Insertion Loss & Return Loss)
  • Suitable for mating different connector types
  • Available in most connector types
  • End-face geometry requirement comply to Telcordia GR-326-CORE
  • For end-to-end fibre cable connectivity
  • Available for singlemode and multimode, including APC
  • Male to female and hybrid adapters available
  • Coloured for easy identification
  • Meets Bellcore GR-326 standard

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Example: FCSTSXSMHABL – FC/UPC-ST/UPC Singlemode Simplex Hybrid Adapter – Blue