Multimode to Singlemode Media Converter

Multimode to Singlemode Media Converter media converters used to change fibre types between converters.


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Multimode to Singlemode Media Converter is used to switch fibre type between two media converters.

We offer multimode to singlemode media converter in dual fibre to dual fibre type or SFP to SFP type for easier amendments and network modifications.

SFP, unlike dual fibre, has the ability to replace SFPs without changing media converter, allowing one media converter to provide singlemode and multimode signals or any transmission distance with simple plug and play.

Media converters are a cost-effective solution for transmission distances up to 120km.


  • Built-in 2 port switch which supports flow and bandwidth control
  • Available in fibre to fibre or SFP to SFP types
  • SFP transceiver technology allows adaptions to made without replacing media converters
  • Full duplex utilises two fibre channels, one for transmitting and one for receiving
  • Singlemode or multimode options
  • Transmission distances from 550m to 120km
  • SC, ST and FC connector types for fibre type; or LC connector type for SFP type
  • 2x dual fibre ports or 2x SFP ports
  • Built-in RAM for data buffer
  • Compliant to IEEE 802.3*, FCC and CE standards
  • Internal or external power supply available with fibre type; sfp type only available with external power supply
  • Up to 1.4Gbps data rate
  • Card-type and media racks available

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