Fibre Street Cabinet

Fibre Street Cabinet is an air-conditioned cabinet designed for outdoor use.


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Linxcom Fibre Street Cabinet is an outdoor model, designed to withstand all types of weather conditions to keep it protected it from dust, and wind driven rain.

Fibre Street Cabinet is designed for outdoor applications.

Features & Benefits

  • IP54 rated
  • Number of modules 42
  • Capacity of modules 12× SC/E2000/SX or 12× LC/DX
  • Capacity of 504/1008 optical splices
  • Maximum connected capacity subscribers 480 in SC or 960 in LC connectors
  • Maximal PLC splitter capacity 16 splitters (LGX type)
  • Placement of optical fibre reserve, length 5 m
  • Three-point lock

Ordering Information

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LXMCWHSC504DD – Linxcom Model C White SC Simplex 504 Port Double Door