Inline Enclosure PP09

Fibre optic inline enclosure IP68 rated with 8 cable entries and up to 120 fibres


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Inline Enclosure PP09 is specifically tailored to house terminated splitters and splices. Includes a plate for installing up to 36 x SC simplex / LC duplex adapters

Inline Enclosure PP09 is easy and reliable to install, and provides high mechanical strength against every environmental condition.

Protects fibre optic splicing points in different types of installation conditions such as wall, pole and duct mounting as well as direct burial.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 120 fibres
  • 8 cable entries
  • Accepts up to 17.5mm diameter cables
  • Protects fibre splices in the field
  • Can be aerial, wall and duct-mounted
  • Suitable for direct burial
  • IP 68 rated
  • Reusable Silica gel seal in order to ensure an airtight, waterproof performance
  • No special tools required
  • Mechanical sealing
  • Made with high-strength plastic, PC, which prevents aging from cold, heat, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation
  • Dimensions: 470 * 240 * 120mm


  • Premise installations and telecommunication networks
  • Ethernet, fibre channel, ATM, LAN, MAN and WAN
  • Data communication
  • Outdoor applications
  • Duct mountable and direct burial
  • FTTH
  • Water submersible

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