Dome Enclosure DER05

Medium capacity fibre optic dome enclosure IP68 rated with 5 heatshrink cable entries up to 144 fibres.


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Dome Enclosure DER05 offers great value for money and performance. It is one of our most popular models due to the low cost and wide range of applications. Tried and tested by telecom operators worldwide it outperforms all other competitors on the market.

Dome Enclosure DER05 is quick and easy to install and requires no specialist tools. They can be mounted for aerial, wall duct and direct buried applications.

Made with high-strength, advanced formula plastic, PC, it can effectively prevent the product and components from aging caused by cold, heat, oxygen and ultraviolet exposure.

Features & Benefits

  • Holds up to 144 fibres
  • 5 cable entries
  • Protects fibre splices in the field
  • Can be aerial, wall and duct-mounted
  • Suitable for direct burial
  • IP 68 rated
  • Heatshrink sealing
  • Made with high-strength plastic, PC, which prevents aging from cold, heat, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation
  • Chemical resistant
  • Dimensions: 450 * 230mm


  • Premise installations and telecommunication networks
  • Ethernet, fibre channel, ATM, LAN, MAN and WAN
  • Data communication
  • Outdoor applications
  • Duct mountable and direct burial
  • FTTH

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