Bunny Clips

Fibre management accessory for inside patch panels and other enclosures.


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Bunny clips can be used in singles for fibre and cable routing or together for a fully customisable fibre management solution.

The clips are easily twisted together and provide a strong locking mechanism but allow for easy access for maintenance or expansion.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used singularly or as a complete fibre management solution
  • Holds up to 10.2mm diameter fibre bundle
  • Complete with adhesive pad on base
  • Clean and tidy fibre management

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BUNNYCLIP01 – Bunny Clip – Single
BCTFMKIT01 – Bunny Clips Economy Kit (8x Bunny Clips, Splice Bridge, Protection Sleeves)
BCTFMKIT02 – Bunny Clips Standard Kit (8x Bunny Clips, Splice Blocks, Protection Sleeves)
BCTFMKIT03 – Bunny Clips Enhanced Kit (8x Bunny Clips, Splice Cassette, Protection Sleeves)