Power Distribution Unit 6 Way 19″ – UK Circuit Breaker

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PDUs are used for distribution of power to equipment within a cabinet or rack.

Horizontal orientated PDUs fit into a 19” frame and can have 4-9 sockets.

All PDUs come with a master on/off switch and can have an optional circuit breaker.

Our high quality PDUs have passed all relevant international standards can come with all international plug/socket types, such as: UK, EU, US, IEC, etc.

  • Horizontal 19″ rack-mountable
  • 1U Height
  • 6 UK sockets
  • Left hand single UK power input
  • Multi-point mounting brackets for front, rear or side facing, and diagonal and recessed mounting
  • CE and NF approved
  • RoHS compliant
  • Circuit breaker
  • Max Current: 16A
  • Voltage: 250VAC
  • Control: Current Meter
  • Compliance: CE, NF, RoHS