Tool-Free Mechanical Splice

Mechanical splices can splice fibres without the need for a fusion splicer.


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Tool-Free Mechanical splice uses mechanical fixtures to align and connect optical fibres.

Mechanical splices are most popular for fast, temporary restoration.

It is an inexpensive and quick alternative to fusion splicing and is used to ensure fibres are fused properly.


  • Low insertion loss
  • Short installation time
  • Simple easy to use compact size, applies to both singlemode and multimode fibre
  • Mechanical splices require no power supplies
  • Many mechanical fibre splice designs require no extra tools beyond a fibre stripper and fibre cleaver
  • They can be used in situations where fusion splicing is not practical or impossible
  • Mechanical splices can be made within a couple of minutes, this makes it ideal for temporary connections

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LXM10FTMS – Tool-Free Mechanical splice