Connect/Disconnect Modules

Connect/disconnect modules are used in the connection of exchange lines and jumper wires.


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Linxcom Connect/Disconnect modules provide a complete solution for voice, mid and low speed data transmission.

The Connect/Disconnect modules can be mounted on main distribution frames/cabinets or distribution boxes for use in connection of exchange lines and jumper wires.

Features & Benefits

  • IDC connecting technology
  • Suitable for use in all xDSL and ADSL 2+ circuits
  • Flexible indoor and outdoor use
  • Robust long-term stability
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Available in 8 or 10 pair
  • Designation labelling system
  • Compatible with KRONE LSA-PLUS Modules
  • Available with metal profile

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Example: LXM08PCMYEL – Voice 8 Pair Connecting Module – Yellow