Large Fibre Optic Termination Kit

Large fibre optic termination kits, the complete tooling solution for fibre installers.


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Tailored for high performance fibre installers, this large fibre optic termination kit features an upgraded Linxcom x200 (x400) Fibre Inspection Scope and the industry standard Cassette.

Everything to strip, prepare, terminate, crimp, polish and inspect over 400 fibre optic connectors.

All our termination kits are customisable, bringing flexibility and suitability together to ensure every installer has the tools they need.


  • 4 standard tool kits, each for different installers and their tooling needs
  • Keep all your tools organised and in one place
  • Lightweight and ruggedized cases perfect for on-site and transit
  • Completely customisable to customer specification
  • Cost-effective and efficient solution for installers
  • Additional space and compartments ideal for extra tools and accessories

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LXMFOTKIT01 – Large Fibre Optic Termination Kit 1 (with Inspection Scope)
LXMFOTKIT02 – Large Fibre Optic Termination Kit 2 (with Inspection Scope & Visual Fault Locator)
LXMFOTKIT03 – Large Fibre Optic Termination Kit 3 (with Video Inspection Probe)
LXMFOTKIT04 – Large Fibre Optic Termination Kit 4 (with Inspection Scope & Cure Heating 12 Position Oven)