Quality Assurance

It is our constant endeavour to ensure and maintain our product quality and to improve wherever possible.

Company Certifications

Linxcom ensures management and procedure quality by abiding to the requirements set out in ISO 9001. These include requirements of a quality management system, basic concepts and language, focus on an effective and efficient management system and internal and external audits of quality management.

Each item of material and plant that is purchased is assured of quality by ensuring that the item in question is procured from a responsible and reliable supplier accredited by the particular procedures laid down in the ISO 9001.

Company Procedures

The control monitoring and administration of quality in respect of materials, plant etc is achieved by use of our QA administration system that has been designed to suit the current requirements of the IT and telecommunications industries.

Specialist Engineers

All materials are requisitioned by allocated specialist engineers to suit the particular specifications of different sites thus ensuring that every item meets all recognised standards. Specialist engineers also check orders to ensure that quotations provided by the suppliers comply with the original requisitions and specifications. The specialist engineers provide ongoing quality control with additional assessments made on a random basis.

Approved Installer Installations

All installations are checked for compliance to British Standards and are tested in accordance with manufacturer specifications by an approved installer. From experience, we have found that this comprehensive and methodical approach ensures piece of mind for the client from start to finish.